10 Ridiculously Rich Instagram Models

In the world of social media, Instagram has become a hub for sharing our cute puppy pictures, lifestyle and selfies. It has also become of means of a living for a few lucky fashion gurus who have realized the secret to the good life: amazing fashion sense and a flourishing Instagram account. These Instagram models have accumulated followers in the hundreds of thousands, and even millions, and get paid hefty amounts from brands to promote their products and lifestyles. Many are bloggers who have taken to the platform to share every aspect of their perfectly curated lives – and it seems to be doing them well. They travel all around the world, wear the most beautiful clothing and are paid good money to post about it on the app.

While some are sitting in the mid-six figures, others are making millions as social media influencers. Chiara Ferragni makes $80,000 a month via affiliate sales through RewardStyle and Bryan Boy turned down a six-figure editorial job with a huge publication, which likely means he’s making much more. We have to hand it to them, their business savvy ways are astonishing and their taste is commendable but who would have ever thought an Instagram account could make you so much moolah? With followers in the millions, these guys have it all figured out.

So while we’re all sitting around at our desks waiting for the day to pass us by, these gals and guys are trying new products and snapping photos for obscene amounts of money. Check out 10 Instagram models who are way richer than you think.

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