Galinka Mirgaeva, Thank You Russia!!!

You may not know this, but there’s a large community of attractive people on Instagram that get given tons of money just by virtue of being attractive. Yep, being incredibly good-looking means that companies hand over large sums to these people in order to sponsor their products, whether it be beauty, health or otherwise. Initially you may think that it’s a waste of money, but then you see just how attractive these people are and suddenly reconsider your stance, before considering purchasing the diet supplements/hair mousse/iced tea they’re shilling.

Such is the case with Russian model Galinka Mirgaeva, who appears to be pretty good at this whole “modeling on the Internet” thing. She’s so good, in fact, that after scrolling through her photos I suddenly had the urge to purchase Skinny Bunny Tea, something she frequently advertises in her posts. I have no idea what Skinny Bunny Tea is aside from the fact that it’s got an incredibly stupid name, but now I want some. Damn you, Instagram models.

But back to Galinka: she’s attractive. Very attractive. So attractive, in fact, that it almost looks like she’s been drawn. She looks imaginary. She possesses that kind of unattainable beauty that, upon seeing her, she makes you wonder what you’re ever going to do with your eyes afterwards. What’s the point of them anymore?

Prepare to be blown away by her beauty!!!

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