Monica Bellucci – Bond Woman, Not Bond Girl

In the new James Bond movie Spectre, Italian screen siren Monica Bellucci (The Passion of the Christ, The Matrix Revolutions, Irreversible) portrays Sciarra, adistraught widow with an uncertain future who helps Daniel Craig’s 007 infiltrate and uncover a secretive terrorist cabal called SPECTRE. In years past, her character would have been called a “Bond Girl” […]

Kendall Jenner – My Birthday Present To Myself Is A Classic Model

Kendall Jenner looks like she’s starring in a remake of “American Graffiti” …tooling around in a awesome classic ’57 Corvette.  Kendall was behind the wheel as BFF Hailey Baldwin rode shotgun Tuesday in Bev Hills.  We’re told the car was a present for Kendall’s 20th birthday… a present she gave herself.  Fact is, 1957 was […]

Michael Jordan Estate Up For Sale

Michael Jordan, or more accurately, his real estate agent, is giving new meaning to the term “home theater.” See, Jordan has been trying to sell his 56,000-square-foot mansion in Highland Park since 2012, cutting it down periodically from its original listing at $29 million before settling on his latest asking price — $14.9 million — […]

Black Widow

Don’t fear: This crimson cocktail gets its bite from bold blanco tequila, not venom. Agave nectar and muddled blackberries soften that bite with a hint of sweetness, and give the Black Widow its signature spooky hue. Don’t forget the fresh basil and blackberry garnish for the full effect. 2 Blackberries 3 Basil leaves 1.5 oz […]

Diplo & 2 Chainz Try On $48K Sunglasses

Most Expensivest Shit | Diplo & 2 Chainz Try On $48K Sunglasses The latest installment of GQ’s Most Expensivest Shit series sees 2 Chainz hook up with Diplo to try on some absurdly priced sunglasses. The expensive frames are made by 9Five Eyewear, a brand that’s been worn by celebs like Rick Ross,Justin Bieber and Schoolboy Q and cost $48,000. The premium […]

2 Chainz Tries On A $25K Hat

2 Chainz pays a visit to Orlando Palacios at Worth hat shop to get fitted for a custom Panama hat. See how the $25,000 hand-crafted hat gets created, and why Orlando believes it’s the first gift you’ll receive when you get to heaven.

Reinast luxury toothbrush-$5,000!!!

“Five thousand mother f***ing dollars…for a toothbrush?!” 2 Chainz tries out the Reinast luxury toothbrush-one of the most expensive in the world-to see if the titanium design and patented antibacterial coating are really worth it.

The Jewel Suite – New York Palace Hotel $25,000 per/night

The Jewel suite at the New York Palace hotel has all the amenities you’d expect of an over-the-top penthouse. Butler service? Check. Sweeping views of N.Y.C.? Check. Your own Maybach? Check. Find out what other luxe features are included in this suite where the $250,000-a-month price tag is considered a bargain.

The $295.00 Burger!!!

The bun is dusted with 24K gold and it once held the title of most expensive burger in the world, the Le BURGER EXTRAVAGANT!!! 2 Chainz tries the $295 burger from NYC’s Serendipity 3 to see how the 1 percent eats.