2 Chainz Tries On $48K Vintage Sunglasses

2 Chainz sits down with his friend Corey Shapiro, founder of Vintage Frames, and tries on some wildly expensive gold sunglasses ranging from $700 to $50,000!!! Check out the video below.

MBL Home Stereo System

It costs upwards of $260,000, but it looks like Versace glasses and comes in 2 Chainz’s favorite colors: black and gold. The rapper tests out the MBL home stereo system to see if it’s really worth a quarter of a million dollars. I guess it’s worth every dollar, because 2 Chainz puts in his order […]

2 Chainz Wears a $38K Kobe Bryant Hat – Most Expensivest Shit

Most Expensivest Shit is back with 2 Chainz checking out the craziest, priciest stuff in the world. First up, 2 Chainz pays tribute to the basketball legend, Kobe Bryant’s retirement with two New Era hats worth over $60K!!! These hats are all about luxury. One is made from Italian cashmere, gold covered snake skin and […]

The FKK Paradise Club – Stuttgart

Tucked away on an industrial estate in Stuttgart is The Paradise Club, or so its owners would say. But this is no ordinary haven. Instead, it’s the largest brothel in Germany and has around 150 girls working there, as well as chefs, bartenders and management staff and other employees. Not only is Paradise entirely legal, […]

Orange Crush

Orange Crush A Mans Mimosa 1 1/2 oz. Vodka 3/4 oz. Triple Sec Orange Juice Combine vodka and triple sec in an old fashioned glass filled with ice, fill with orange juice and stir.

New Year’s Eve Cocktails

Looking to make your New Year’s Eve party a real ball? Use this night as an opportunity to show off your stylish side, the right cocktail is key to let guests know that they are in the right place for the evening. Play your cocktail game right and everyone will be a happy camper. Check […]

Forbes Reveals the 2015 ‘World’s Highest Paid DJs’ List

Every year, the number crunchers at Forbes publish a list of DJs most definitely not available for weddings, birthdays and bat mitzvahs. The site has just published its ‘Electronic Cash Kings 2015’ list, ranking dance music’s top-earning DJs for the past 12 months. Can the results be trusted? Maybe. Are they intriguing anyway? No doubt. […]

Black Widow

Don’t fear: This crimson cocktail gets its bite from bold blanco tequila, not venom. Agave nectar and muddled blackberries soften that bite with a hint of sweetness, and give the Black Widow its signature spooky hue. Don’t forget the fresh basil and blackberry garnish for the full effect. 2 Blackberries 3 Basil leaves 1.5 oz […]

The $295.00 Burger!!!

The bun is dusted with 24K gold and it once held the title of most expensive burger in the world, the Le BURGER EXTRAVAGANT!!! 2 Chainz tries the $295 burger from NYC’s Serendipity 3 to see how the 1 percent eats.


TEGRONI Love the Negroni? Try its south-of-the-border tequila cousin. 1 oz Comisario Blanco tequila 1 oz Sweet vermouth 1 oz Campari Garnish: Grapefruit twist Glass: Rocks or cocktail Add all the ingredients to a mixing glass and fill with ice. Stir, and strain into a rocks glass filled with fresh ice or a chilled cocktail […]


Tequila and watermelon is a woefully underused combination. • 1 Jalapeño pepper slice • 2 oz Comisario Blanco Tequila • 1.5 oz Watermelon-Basil Purée* • .75 oz Fresh lime juice • .75 oz Agave syrup (one part agave nectar, one part water) In a shaker, muddle the jalapeño slice. Add the remaining ingredients and fill […]