Porsche RWB 993 – Rotiform FUC

RWB Porsche Red Toyo Tires Track car fast widebody rotiform racecar beast luxury car (1)

We’ve brought you another beautiful 993 from RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF, this time rolling on Rotiform FUC old school Porsche styled wheels. Everything about this beast is custom, from the body kit, to the interior, to the motor. You can’t go wrong with Bright orange on a Porsche, it definitely causes the car to stand out, not that it needs the help, with that RWB widebody kit attached to it making it stand out like a beautifully sculptured sore thumb. From there, we take a look at the interior of this RWB. From it’s custom two-toned black and camo diamond stitched interior to it’s rollcage, you know this isn’t your ordinary everyday Porsche 993. Next you have a fully built/detailed motor accompanied with velocity stacks to give it that custom race look and a full custom exhaust that lets everybody know you’re coming from a mile away. One of the MANY things I love about RWB cars are their stance, gotta love the way these works of art sit with their tires tucked. Overall, this is another one of a kind from RWB and I’m in love!!! Hope to own one in the near future. Check out the video and pics below and enjoy.

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