Black Widow

Don’t fear: This crimson cocktail gets its bite from bold blanco tequila, not venom. Agave nectar and muddled blackberries soften that bite with a hint of sweetness, and give the Black Widow its signature spooky hue. Don’t forget the fresh basil and blackberry garnish for the full effect. 2 Blackberries 3 Basil leaves 1.5 oz […]


TEGRONI Love the Negroni? Try its south-of-the-border tequila cousin. 1 oz Comisario Blanco tequila 1 oz Sweet vermouth 1 oz Campari Garnish: Grapefruit twist Glass: Rocks or cocktail Add all the ingredients to a mixing glass and fill with ice. Stir, and strain into a rocks glass filled with fresh ice or a chilled cocktail […]


Tequila and watermelon is a woefully underused combination. • 1 Jalapeño pepper slice • 2 oz Comisario Blanco Tequila • 1.5 oz Watermelon-Basil Purée* • .75 oz Fresh lime juice • .75 oz Agave syrup (one part agave nectar, one part water) In a shaker, muddle the jalapeño slice. Add the remaining ingredients and fill […]