2 Chainz Wears a $38K Kobe Bryant Hat – Most Expensivest Shit

2-chainz-gq-most expensive shit kobe hat lakers gold and purple

Most Expensivest Shit is back with 2 Chainz checking out the craziest, priciest stuff in the world. First up, 2 Chainz pays tribute to the basketball legend, Kobe Bryant’s retirement with two New Era hats worth over $60K!!! These hats are all about luxury. One is made from Italian cashmere, gold covered snake skin and has five diamonds on it to represent Kobe’s five championships. The other is made from black and gold covered snake skin and lambs skin. When purchased, the hat will travel First Class with Delta Airlines and Brinks Armored trucks to be delivered to you at a Lakers game with it’s own security detail and to be presented to you by a beautiful model. Talk about the Ruf.Lyf!!! It doesn’t get much better than that, but hurry, New Era only made eight of each. Check out the video below and see for yourself.

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