ROLEX Smart watch… A Digital Daytona??

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Luxury watch manufactures haven’t really been phased by the introduction of the smart watch and other digital brands, but is Rolex ready to crush the market??

Francois Petit, a french graphic designer has created a vector based mock up of how a digital Daytona Rolex might look if Rolex went down that road.  First of all he created what he calls the ‘BlackPearl’ version of the Daytona and then went on to add a digital version mock up.

  • Watch Specs:
    CASE 40 mm 18 ct white gold – black ceramic Waterproof 100 metres/330 feet
  • FUNCTIONS Tachymeter, argon case, digital mode Circuit court, speed racing, Tactile saphir screen

So no Rolex has not shown signs it is ready to pounce on this market yet… but if Francois design is any indication of what could be, we think they really should.


Source: – Francois Petit

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