Hannah Simone – “New Girl” Hottie

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Hannah Simone is a Canadian TV host, actress, VJ and former fashion model. She is best known for portraying “Cece Parekh” on the Fox TV show, New Girl and is absolutely stunning. Simone was born in London, to an Indian father and an English mother of German, Italian, and Greek descent. After her 2005 college graduation, Simone became host of HGTV television show Space for Living. After that, she became a VJ for Canada’s MuchMusic TV station and a news presenter for “Much News Weekly” and, the host of the show The NewMusic. In 2008 she decided to leave MuchMusic and head to Los Angeles to further her acting career and instantly landed a host spot on Syfy Channels “WCG Ultimate Gamer”. After the shows 2 year run, she was casted as “Cece Parekh” on the Golden Globe winning “New Girl”. New Girl, new into it’s 5th season has catapulted Simone’s popularity and has taken her to another level. If you haven’t seen “New Girl” yet, do yourself a favor and check it out. Netflix has seasons 1 – 4 as we speak. Check out her pics and videos below and enjoy.

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