Olinda Castielle – Sex Goddess

Olinda Castielle is an absolutely gorgeous model, artist and singer from Stockholm, Sweden. What she’s most known for is being an actress. She’s been on both Swedish and American reality television, Joe Millionaire in the U.S. and Paradise Hotel talk show in Sweden. She now owns a clothing company called Maison De Castielle and an art company called Hard Ass Candy, both are very sexually provocative. One thing that blows me away is that she is turning 40 this year!!! She looks years younger and has an insanely sexy body!!! She claims that she gets her perfect body and youthfulness from her vegan diet, exercise and you guessed it, lots of sex!!! Olinda moves around the world a bit between her four homes located in Los Angeles, New York, Spain and Sweden, talk about the Ruf.Lyf. Check out her pics and video below, Enjoy.

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