Sunseeker 131 Super Tri-Deck Yacht – London Boat Show 2016

Check out a tour of the largest Sunseeker to ever make its debut in London, the Sunseeker 131. Thanks to Sunseeker’s iconic styling and unmistakable design, it’s possible to recognize a Sunseeker at a glance. Seductive, inspirational, versatile. The tri-deck Sunseeker 131 Yacht epitomizes everything that is Sunseeker. Accommodating up to twelve guests, not including staff, in lavish surroundings, the sheer scale and layout of this immense yacht is awe-inspiring. Expertly finished using ultra-modern materials and techniques, the 131 Yacht is one of the finest examples of modern day motor boat building. The main deck features a lounge, separate dining area and full galley, while on the upper deck you’ll find the sky lounge, cocktail bar and access to the skydeck; where comfort and lavishness reach new levels. As impressive out in open water as it is in the harbor, this icon of design is unlike any other. Known for their style, craftsmanship and attention to detail, each room onboard the 131 Yacht is as impressive as the last. To own such a work of art is truly living the Ruf.Lyf

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