Yana Yatskovskaya


Yana Yatskovskaya is a 23 year old Russian model/actress born in Moscow, Russia. Born July 22, 1991, this Moscow native studied at that Russian State University for the Humanities, has years of experience modeling and what has separated her from many other Russian models (aside from her ripped abs and exotic looks) is her avid use of social media. Yana has over 65,000 fans on her VK account (a lot when you consider there are less than 200 million total users) and she also interacts with her fans via Instagram, Formspring, LiveJournaliFamousLive InternetTwitter, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr and of course VKontakte, on which she shares behind the scenes photos from shoots, exercise tips and random musings. She credits her stunning figure to a natural affinity to maintain her physique, as well as 4 hours of physical activity a day. No big deal.


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