Martin Garrix Live @ Sziget Festival 2015 Full Concert

Martin Garrix played a killer 90-minute set at Hungary’s Sziget Festival which includes one of his most sought after unreleased tunes, his ‘Dancefair ID’ (skip to 19:30).

Martin Garrix Live Sziget Festival 2015 Full Concert

Martin has added numerous chart topping tracks to his arsenal and is now playing longer sets that feature mostly his material. But, it was not too long ago that young Martin Garrix was on the record saying he preferred playing 1 hour sets, explaining that anything longer than that might be too much for him. Oh, how 2 years can change things.

Martin remains in the conversation as a possible new number 1. While many people disagree that he has reached the levels of Armin van Buuren or Hardwell, a set like this does demonstrate just how many huge tracks he has under his belt and how much energy he can get from his crowds. If you’re still not a believer, check out the full video below and maybe Martin will win you over.

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