Giorgio Armani – One Yacht Is Not Enough

Successful Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani, sails the seas in his own luxury yacht. Giorgio’s yacht matches the sleek, elegant, classy designs that are incorporated into his clothing lines. Codecasa is the designer of this yacht, and the ship is nicknamed “Main.” The classy design of the black 213ft yacht has drawn photographers looking for a stylish place for their photo shoots. The ship fits in well with the other photos found in the high fashion magazines! It cost him more than $60 million, uses 42,000 gallons of gas to reach full speed, and could cross the Atlantic in just 11 days. Giorgio Armani also own a second yacht named “Maria” after his mother, and this second yacht is

163 feet in length. Two mega-yachts, now that’s living the Ruf.Lyf!!!

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